Brutal Rose Console - Custom Made and Priced

Regular price $ 100.00

*Custom Order, $100 consultation fee for design

Inspired by the Brutalist furniture designs of Paul Evens, Hayslip collaborated with furniture artisan Michael Stallings to create a cantilevered cabinet that is a softer interpretation of the Brutalist movement.  The result is a bespoke console piece hand carved from solid walnut.  A stylized rose motif is hand chiseled into the top, front, and sides of the cabinet.  The underside of the cabinet features a water jetted aluminum panel with the same rose motif, designed to allow the interior LED lighting to glow from beneath the piece.  Floating above the cabinet are three pieces of Starphire glass with a polished edge.  The cabinet’s exterior is finished with a rusted iron milk paint. Accessed through hidden, touch-hinge doors, the cabinet’s interior is designed to hold stemware on clear glass shelves.  The inside of the piece is finished in a white gloss white lacquer designed to maximize the reflection and refraction of the interior lighting. Comprised of three separate shelving elements, it acts as a serving piece and wine glass storage. Every panel is hand carved in solid walnut and finished with milk paint.