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It’s that time again! For some, it’s the “most wonderful,” and for others, “it is what it is” (believe it or not, I know some of these Scrooges, and I have had strong words with them about their warped view of the holiday season—harrumph).

Anyway. As is our tradition, my friend, Sarah, and I grabbed ourselves some holiday cheer and braved a freezing cold, wind-advisory evening to bring you photos of the 5th Avenue windows. So, let’s start with Saks Fifth Avenue.

We begin with their fashion windows. Fancy ladies and gents in a gigantic candy land.






To be honest, I’m not as impressed with these displays as I am with the lighting design… I mean C’MON. So moody!








Okay, but as they always do, Saks’ 5th Ave windows had a storyline to them.  This year’s display featured desserts and spooky (though probably not intentionally) puppets. (Okay, but the theme is actually The Nutcracker.)







Pretty sure it’s not sanitary to have all those rats around those sweets... Royal rats or not.





I accidentally cut off the names of the next two acts, so I tried to look them up and I found this video from the unveiling of the windows, so that’s cool:

You can see them all in action!


Anyway, this is ACT IV: SUGAR HIGH


ACT V: (get ready) BAKE A LEG


ACT VI: BITTERSWEET CHOCOLATE (wtf Saks, where is my pun?)


Okay, now ...

Let’s talk about Tiffany’s.


They’re usually one of my favorites at Christmas time. Their windows are always small and intricate displays, and it turns out that one of my housemates knows one of the people who worked on them this year!



The perspective on these windows is a bit of a mind bender. It all seems 3D, but it weirdly looks more 2D.


Here’s a quick close up:



I was intrigued and excited to see what the other two windows had in store, so Sarah and I turned the corner only to find that New York seems to be hosting a Grinch these days because THE POLICE WOULD NOT LET US COME NEAR THEM. Why? Heightened security. Why? Because The Grinch is Tiffany’s next door neighbor.



Anyway, grudges aside, here are the actual windows you’ve been waiting for. Bergdorf Goodman.




I just realized that this coat has embroidered Jello on it.




Okay this one was one of my favorites:


And obviously, this one reminded me of Cole.

Green gorillas!

Reading about evolution, maybe?



And then finally this window:

Serving us face:

With beaded creatures, yay

So anyway, this concludes our 5th Avenue shop window tour. Once again, Bergdorf was way over the top and very impressive both conceptually and technically, Saks 5th Avenue was a little bit creepy, Tiffany was delicate and elegant (what wasn’t taken from us by the Grinch, at least), and it was cold as all get out. I hope you’ve enjoyed these photos as much as I did taking them!


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