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The Holiday House Design Show opened its ninth-annual interior design showcase this November, and this year, they hosted the very first show in New York's Soho neighborhood. For those of you who might not be as familiar with this showhouse, it was founded by the ever-stylish Iris Dankner to raise awareness for breast cancer, specifically among the design community. As a survivor herself, Iris made it goal to help raise funds for breast cancer awareness all while showcasing the world's top designers and celebrating all things design. 

The show was located in the Sullivan Mansion, which happened to be covered with construction at the entrance the day we went, but that didn't slow anybody down. As we walked into the five-story town home, my eyes were immediately stunned with a parlor room that I'm pretty sure succussfully used every shade of pink ever created. Pink walls, pink rug, pink chairs, pink draperies, pink flowers, pink lamp - everything was pink! That is, however, with the exception of a stuffed swan placed on the back console. This dramatic and unique room really set the stage. I could only imagine what the other rooms looked like!  


 Parlor by Sasha Bikoff Interior Design. Photography by Alan Barry.

Parlor by Sasha Bikoff Interior DesignPhotography by Alan Barry.


As we continued through the first floor towards the kitchen, my eyes were immediately attracted to two pieces of art. Maybe it was the butterflies or maybe it was because they were literally made of money, but I was dying over this art. I had to have it! 


One day, these will be mine!

A girl can dream, right? 

After peeling myself away from the walls where these pieces lived (for now), I finally made my way to the kitchen where perfectly positioned food was strewn out over the counter top. It honestly took me a few seconds to contemplate whether or not I could take one of those muffins to go. Luckily, I thought better of it. 

I don't know whether it was the ombre walls, bird ceiling or heavy presence of plants, but I felt like I could truly be sitting outside in a park having a picnic and enjoying the outdoors. Turn around from this angle, and you are facing the breakfast table surrounded by dining chairs made completely out of seat belts. Talk about the greatest, not to mention safest, chairs ever! 

Here is a closer image of the chairs. Want to purchase some for your own home? Give us a call - we can help you out! 

Okay, moving on from my obsession with these chairs. Once we finished with the first floor, we made our way up to the second, third, fourth and fifth floor. It's safe to say we got our work-out in for the day climbing those stairs. 

I was amazed by the dramatic diversity between each room that filled the house. We walked through a super contemporary sitting room and into a high-fashion bedroom, through a colorful bohemian entry way, only to follow by a gothic, avant garde dining room. It was one culture-shock after another, and I was loving it!  

Designed by Campion Platt


Walking through each handcrafted room, I was blown away one after another. The creativity and risks that each designer took was astounding and these few images are not even close to doing it justice. If you happen to be in New York in the next few weeks, I highly suggest you stop by Soho and take a walk through this show house. The exhibit will be available until January 8, 2017!  Below are a few more of our favorite views (photographed by Alan Barry):


Living room by Bradfield & Tobin. Photography by Alan Barry.

Living room by Bradfield & TobinPhotography by Alan Barry.

This room above was one of my favorite because of the artwork. Do you see the piece hanging on the far right? Well, that is made completely out of straws. Here is a closer look: 

Yup. Those are all straws! 


Dining room by Campion Platt Interiors. Photography by Alan Barry.

Dining room by Campion Platt Interiors. Photography by Alan Barry.

Ante room by Charles J. Nafie Architects. Photography by Alan Barry.

Junior master bedroom by Harry Heissmann Inc. Photography by Alan Barry.

Junior master bedroom by Harry Heissmann Inc. Photography by Alan Barry.

Sitting room by Ryan Korban. Photography by Alan Barry.

Sitting room by Ryan Korban. Photography by Alan Barry.

Click here to learn more about this event or to donate to Breast Cancer Awareness! 



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