Dear Dallas

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Dear Dallas, 


As a quick introduction, I'm Oliver Corser (you can call me Ollie) and I have recently moved to the states from London, England. My wife, Kitty Stuart Corser, and I have moved into a quaint uptown apartment and are raising our adorable one month old son, Charlie. Thanks for having me.







So far, you've made a huge impression on me so I thought I'd let you in on a few things that I particularly enjoy. These might be things that you have grown accustom to or may not see as discrete treasures. 


Coming here from England, the land of castles, gentry, Harry Potter and unnecessary syllables; I am completely innocent to the ways of life, style and traffic that America has to offer. I think it's wonderful, so before I start my self indulgent sermon, I'd like to start with a big well done! This place is awesome. 


On my arrival; my first surprise was that my astounding naivete was contradicted and replaced by overwhelming embarrassment at my ignorance. For some reason, I was expecting more of a Wild West thing going on. Yes, Dallas is an incredibly successful city; a beating heart in technology and many other industries I expect; however, I still came here with an idea that I'd at least see a couple dusty saloon bars or Cowboys. 



"... like having a clean canvas as opposed to a used page of a notepad."

At a glance, my current city of residence is a beautiful place, awash with sunlight, with a skyline that boasts some fantastic architecture, culture and impressive works of engineering. Withoutknowing their proper names, I have some favorites: the ball, the invisible building, the Cinderella building, the crystal palace building, the bridge, the Forrest of roads; the list goes on. Being in a new city with so much space at your disposal, there is a certain amount of grace afforded; like having a clean canvas as opposed to a used page of a notepad. This is emphasized even more so when visiting areas such as Highland Park, where even building lots are ready to be built on. Such a novel concept to me coming from London, where it seems the building are all attached to one another and demolitions are unlikely. The trend is to extend, expand and develop the buildings as they stand; meaning basements and attic conversions. Starting fresh means new styles, new designs, new layouts, and no clinging on the structures with outdated ergonomics, inefficient systems and expensive maintenance. With centuries of urban and suburban architecture and civil-engineering to look back on, less likely are you to end up with a hangover from the sixties on your landscape. 



I realize that I'm summarizing Dallas after having not really seen much and there is still alot on my to-do list (such as the Tissue Building - better known as the Perot Museum). But, before I get used to them, I need to record the charming novelties I have noticed. 



This is the south, with Southern Hospitality, and for someone who is an advocate for good, genuine service, I have seen my fair share here. Service here is quite exceptionaly; and not just hopitality in the bars and restaurants. I have found almost everyone wants to make sure that you get what you need with sincerity and a smile; from supermarket checkouts, independent shop assistants, bank clerks, and car mechanics. I guess tipping has something to do with it, but it seems to have a wonderful effect on people's general demeanour - people tend to be happy here!


                            "You are a glamorous group of people"


You are a glamorous group of people, even the unfortunate souls asking for change at the traffic lights seem to be clean, well groomed and presentable! I heard about big hair etc, but I think it refers to the cosmetic service industry here, with salons lining streets for miles and producing women and men alike that would look quite at-home on magazine covers. It made me laugh that whilst walking in Klyde Warren Park, I saw a sign discouraging stilettos due to their damaging of the AstroTurf. You ladies are so determined to look you're best, you deserve a standing ovation. The fact is, presentation is very important, and everyone from public servants, to the average Joe is beautifully turned out. I'm not sure if that's an American thing or just a Texan, but it's not so common worldwide, and something to hold onto. 


So, after battling the heat of the sun, we retire to safety in our air conditioning; something I am not used to, but it makes me realize that there is a distinct lack of appreciation for the abundance of energy here, which leads me to an idea I shall share once I have outlined with some level of eloquence. Sun, one of the biggest S's we value, yes it makes you hot, but it's a lovely change from the typically average outlook I'm used to. 


So, with your unrestrained lifestyle, in your beautiful city, your lifestyles seem to follow suite also. Having been to the cowboys stadium, a Rangers game, the stockyards, the mall, the cinema, several fast food restaurants - it seems your no-holds-barred way of life doesn't stop at all! Starting with bottomless sodas (a wonderful concept that I am a massive fan of, regardless of the extension to my waistline) the whole-hearted enjoyment of the sports that cast a shadow over the ugly aggression that occurs so frequently in European soccer (or just normal "football'). 




I think the point to which I have come, is that there is alot of love here in Dallas. You're happy people, generous and loving. You're welcoming and extravagent, because... well, so far as I've heard; because you can. 


So I've hardly seen anything, but so far so great! Looking forward to exploring some more. 


Here's to adventure. 









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