Paris Series: What Happened to Pantone 2016

As Paris Deco Off and Maison&Objet came to a close, Lanie (our Boutique Manager) and I packed up our bags, braved the taxi rioted streets and headed back to America. Looking back on all that we saw in Pairs, I couldn’t help but wonder – what happened to the Pantone colors of the year?






Pink Quartz and Serenity Blue, the chosen 2016 Pantone colors of the year, were slim to none when visiting the showrooms near St. Germain or even at Maison&Objet. Instead, it was all about the tropical trends. From the color palettes to the motifs, recycled items and materials – many of the looks that we saw seemed to portray designs that had quite literally washed up on a beach, including recycled tires being used as floor coverings. Raw and rough materials also had a heavy presence in Paris this week. The sleek, finished look was present, but was definitely overshadowed by items with natural edges and textures that added unique surfaces and a certain roughness.


















A wild nature theme paired nicely with the tropical trends, including heavy biophillic designs and more lush jungle themes than I have ever seen before. In addition to an abundance of greenery, birds were everywhere – and I’m not talking about sweet, classic doves. We saw very faniciful and vibrantly colored birds and parrots on fabrics or stuffed in window displays all over the city. A heavy presence of quartersize to lifesize wild animals in extreme colors was also. If you want a lifesize blue horse or a fuschia gorilla, now is the time to buy!





















Breaking away from the tropical and wild theme was  the heavy presence of graffiti street art. This urban art is widely seen throughout the city of Paris, but they are now bringing the streets to the stores. We saw these designs in fabrics at Kirbsky Design by Jon Burgerman, on perfume bottles by Guerlain and furniture pieces throughout the Maison&Objet show. Inspired by well-known and yet unknown artist, Banksy, this urban art featured bright colors similar to the topical tones, but added an edge to high-end design.
























To recap – the top trends we saw from Paris Design Week were:

  1. Tropical

  2. Jungle/Animals

  3. Repurposed Items

  4. Rough Textures

  5. Urban Street Art

Other trends include:

  • Everyday items as art

  • Mineral Furniture

  • Overscale Planters

  • Multi-part tables

  • Leather Walls

  • Over designed items

  • Rounded furniture

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