Paris Series: We Want 4Spaces for our Space

After a nearly a 10 hour flight from Dallas to Paris, we finally landed at Charles de Gaulle at 9 a.m. and immediately hit the ground running. We started down Rue de St. Germain with Paris Deco Off as our destination. Once we turned the corner on Rue de l’Abbaye, we knew we had made it. Larger than life lampshade lanterns hung above the streets, each covered in a different fabric and labeled with a different name.





Showroom after showroom, we walked in and out like a cuckoo clock on the hour – each with their own unique twist on the latest trends.


After nosing through some of the larger showrooms, a certain cork-like fabric draped in a small window caught my eye. We walked into to the quaint little showroom and were immediately in awe of the elegance and craftsmanship of the textiles.






Swiss based textile label, 4Spaces, creates fabrics over and beyond the clichés of the industry. They have a fresh outlook on design aesthetics and find success in using unusual materials and processes.  Fine yarns such as cashmere, silk and Egyptian cotton are used in various textiles, but what intrigued us the most was the new ‘Cork Drapery Collection.’ 4 Spaces uses an innovative production method to bond traditional lace fabrics with sustainable cork material, creating an amazing range of textiles for windows. These unusual textiles use laser cutter to form different aesthetically pleasing designs and add variations  to the collection.





















Stunning Cork Wallcoverings:




 Our personal favorite being the 'PEGGY'






Aside from the fabric textiles, 4 Spaces also present a metal tapestry in their Parisian Showroom that is in fact much more than just art. This metal tapestry, designed by Dorothy Fischer of New York, can be hand pleated or hand woven/crushed and has custom options of colors, dimensions and applications. Although the showroom exemplified the material as a wall hanging, it can also be used on lampshades and decorative window installations.

















Thank you 4Spaces for your marvelous designs and gracious tour of your showroom! 






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