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“I draw memories to create what I have never seen.” - Joana Santos Barbosa.


Joana Santos Barbosa, Founder and Creative Director of InsidherLand, lives by these words and has thus created a one-of-a-kind, high-end luxury furniture line. Her exhibit at Maison&Objet 2016 was one of our favorites, featuring various pieces from her ‘Beyond Memory’ Collection such as the Special Tree Sideboard, the Navajo Canyon Cabinet and Tuna Kvarn Mirror. This collection, made in Portugal, was designed to evoke emotional relations with the natural world and to share stories and memories. Each piece was designed from a personal experience the creator had with nature. It is designed to stand out in exquisite spaces and seek exclusivity, innovation and elegance.   








“Featuring the Summer season, three types of exotic roots in their natural color in high gloss finish cover this empowering creation, while the interior remains satinwood.”















“Navajo Land is located in the United States. In this impressive territory, we find Navajo Canyon a magnificent cliff formation. The sandstone canyon’s highwaved walls in brownish red and white tones contrast with Lake Powell’s blue waters and perform an impressive sight.”







 “What I saw, when I reached the highest point of the mountain, took my breath away. Looking around, and still not believing in that huge frozen lake embraced by a thick grove, I picked up my old camera and realized that the last photo of the roll had already been taken. The sadness came over me.”





One of our very favorite pieces and inspiration behind the design is the Osani Miirror. 

The Osani game is played by Efé children of the Ituri tropical forest in the Republic of Congo.







Barbosa worked as an architect in Portugal until 2012, when she blended her passions of detail and architecture to create this exclusive line. Influenced by her personal connection with the world and the land, Barbosa dissects memories, rearranges concepts and uses them as starting points for her detailed designs.


Each piece of InsidherLand is handmade by the finest Portuguese master craftsmen and jewelers. Traditional craft techniques are used to sculpt every detail to perfection.







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