4 Quick and Easy Home Design Ideas





Home designing is not just to boost aesthetics of the house, but to also feel good about living there – everyone loves staying in and showing off a beautiful home, right?


Although home design ideas could vary depending upon different parameters, here are some general tips to help you out:


Use the correct lighting


You don’t have to spend a fortune in this case! Instead of buying a costly lighting system, you just need to position a few lamps strategically, while utilizing shades and fixtures at points that are able to reflect light from the best angle. This technique improves the appearance of the room by accentuating it and making it seem bigger. You could get a few light dimmers to experiment with visual effects.


Mirror, mirror on the wall…


This object is yet another space enhancer, while acting as a decorative element at the same time. If a particular room isn’t exposed to much natural light, place mirrors across from the windows as it helps the limited amount of light to get amplified. Thus, the space looks bigger, brighter, and airy. Ornamental mirrors are often used to eat up empty spaces on walls or gaps between windows.


Opt for accent walls


Wallpapers impart a lovely aura to the room they are used in, and you get to dabble in various prints and themes. However, accent walls are a huge hit in recent design trends. The concept is simple – select one shade and paint one wall in each room with it, which generates a bold, yet alluring contrast. Try it and see for yourself – it looks amazing!


Don't forget the furniture


Furniture pieces eventually get scratched and nicked, despite taking the best of care. When you notice these blemishes, get it refurbished and repainted in a timely manner. At times, sanding might be required as well, if the damage sustained over time is extensive. Change the covers and upholstery for sofas, beds, futons and couches and accessorize with vibrant and colorful throw pillows and cushions.


These 4 quick and easy home design tips are key in keeping your home fresh and guest-ready!


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