It's Coming Together

Posted by Sharon Hayslip on

In an earlier post, à la Michelangelo, I told you about the remodel of our clients’ beautiful great room.  Well, here’s a peek at the progress being made…

The ceiling is essentially finished.  It turned out to be absolutely spectacular!  A beautiful amalgamation of intricate plaster coffers and moldings, hand painting and gilding, and extraordinary lighting effects (and that’s not taking into consideration the sublime chandeliers that have yet to be unveiled).  

Another new addition to the room is the magnificent fireplace mantle.  

Originally the room boasted an imposing limestone fireplace mantle. 

                      Original Fireplace

Now the mantle has a graceful, classical design comprised of slabs and intricate moldings of Calacatta Oro, Breche de Vendome, and Giallo Noche mables.  This new mantle is undeniably a show stopper.

                       New Fireplace

And some of its beautiful details…


There’s still so much that remains to be done, it’s a bit daunting: furniture (both new pieces and existing pieces that are getting a “freshen up”), rugs, art, accessories, lamps, not to mention the installation of it all… the list is long, but the result is sure to be well worth all the sleepless nights.


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