Asian Jazz and Friendship

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Sometimes there is a connection with a person that surprises.  As I have aged I have gotten more forgiving, less patient, more open, yet less available. I find that truly connecting with people is often richer than in earlier times when I was perhaps more superficial in my assessments.

When I pause and listen, as I am now, to a tender and powerful recording of Beethoven’s Emperor piano concerto, I get the feeling that life is especially full, deep and filled with great beauty.  I like to find people to share those feelings with....and on rare occasions, just gradually, I discover such ones.

One day several years ago I met a new couple… potential clients.  They were moving into a new residence at the Ritz Carlton.  They interviewed me at their home in north Dallas.  It seemed straight forward.  We were to use most of their things, rework some of the upholstery, create a new look, add a few key pieces…fairly simple, slightly art deco, using their interesting pieces and fine art.  

Both physicians, they were gracious and fun to talk to.  The husband, David, even gave me a very good bottle of wine from their cellar….a wonderful introduction to our relationship!  The wife, Pam, just shone with kindness and intelligence.  I felt the project would be enjoyable, with minimal stress on everyone’s part and committed myself to being sure we stayed on budget and schedule.


  Pam, at the Crow Collection

Well, now several years later, they live in their new condo.  The view is glorious…the sunsets mesmerizing. The decorating is understated elegance…just what they had hoped, I hope.  But best of all, we have continued to get to know each other…even as couples with my husband, Cole, included.  And I have come to appreciate them both far beyond my expectations.  They are foodies, wine lovers, creative travelers, wonderful doctors, and now I can say, great friends.  They even like opera!  And my granddaughter Tiger Darrow’s music too…a definite plus!!

The other night we went to the Crow Museum for a little event called the Silk Road Loungeand then to Wolfgang Pucks new restaurant Five Sixty, arriving just as the sun was dropping below the horizon.



At the Crow, as we listened to Asian Jazz while viewing the pavilions of marble scattered about the gallery, the sun was glinting in the windows at varying angles as the music spread and climbed around us.  The music leaned heavily on a sitar in the manner of the jazz greats…strange but beautiful.  The slanting early summer evening light rays hit the sugary white marble of the kiosk next to us creating ricocheting glints which reflected here and there around the room.  As I sipped cold white wine, listened to the eerily beautiful music, admired the glowing artwork, I thought that I was very lucky to have friends who would suggest such an evening and share with us.


  White marble pavilion at the Crow Collection

And then we watched the sun sink from the restaurant above Dallas….with Cole counting the seconds it took to disappear below the horizon.  Right on the money.  The food was good, the wine was good, and the conversation was interesting and funny and happy.  And forward looking.  A great thing I learned that night…to always look forward.


  Pam and David at Five Sixty

We have subjected these fine folks to a weird symposium on modern architecture, we have enjoyed attending a movable party that required every participant to present something they created as part of the entrance, we have shared wonderful times in New York at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Folk Art Museum, lunch with Lynda Bird Johnson, drinks at the 21 Club….and there is much more to come I think, I hope. 

What a lucky person I am to get a chance to discover and come to know such interesting, giving people.  That is why I don’t see why I need to separate my life from my work, as my son is always suggesting.  Life and work are so inseparably and significantly entwined!


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