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What does it mean that I cried over the beauty of an opera set?  I am post-menopausal so it can scarcely be hormones causing this aberrant behavior.  The libretto, while powerful, was tinged with the enormously lush melodrama that precludes actually believing in the story of most operas.  I have no known depression or recent disappointments.  I haven’t recently read a sad book or watched tear inducing movie. 

So, when the second act of Turandot at New York's Metropolitan Opera began no one was more surprised than I that I wept when the magnificent Zeffirelli set was revealed.  The imperial palace rose in a shimmer of silvery gold and shades of white and cream with scores of cream and gilded costumes...all reflected in a luminous pool of water.....and the ethereally beautiful stream of voices and orchestra blending and soaring....well, I just cried.  I cried for the beauty.  And Cole teared up too.


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