5 Morning Rituals to Lead a Successful Day

5 Morning Rituals to Lead a Successful Day

If you're like me, the mornings can be somewhat of a daunting time of the day that consists heavily of rushing, stressing and over-all chaos. I have always considered myself more of a night owl than an early riser, but in the working world, that is not always an option to living a successful life. As I entered 2017, I made a resolution to improve my morning routine by adding five simple steps into my life. These are easy and very doable steps that any night owl who struggles in the morning can do to enhance their work day and live a more successful life. 


  1. Wake up earlier.


Most successful people wake up at least an hour before having to be anywhere. Whether it is to work out, cook breakfast, watch the news with a cup of coffee or simply spend a leisurely time getting ready for the day, giving yourself that extra time in the morning allows for a much more productive day.


  1. Make your bed.

This simple task gives you an immediately sense of accomplishment to start off your day. Thought it may add an extra 5-10 minutes in your morning routine, you will be more likely to accomplish more tasks throughout the day when you start with one first thing in the morning.


  1. Tackle to most important item on your list first.

We all have new hurdles every day that can weigh us down. When you conquer this task first, you can minimize stress throughout the day and actually get more done knowing the biggest to-do item is checked off. Now, this doesn’t mean you are always going to be able to finish the item, but if you start early, you are one step closer to your goal


  1. Eat Breakfast.

We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don’t skip it! Whether you have time to cook a full meal, or simply grab some yogurt and granola walking out the door – anything is better than nothing. Making sure you are putting fuel in your body as you start your day is a crucial step in having a successful day. 


  1. Count on your calendar.

An organized calendar is the key to staying organized and staying on task. When you prioritize everything on your calendar, you’re able to visualize the day ahead of you and focus more on the creative side of your job. This is not to say that every part of your day must be scheduled. It is also super important to have time just for yourself. It may only be a five minute meditation session, but having some “me time” is crucial for anyone’s schedule.   


Author: Lanie Milliorn


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