New Device Translate Languages in Real Time

Okay, this is by far one of the cooler inventions that we have come across recently. I'm ready to pack up my bags and head off to ... well, any non-English speaking country. Learning to communicate fluently in another language can be extremely difficult, and it's the tiniest conversational mistakes that can lead to complete misunderstanding. But one Manhattan based company is now breaking down these barriers. Waverly Labs has created simple, yet ground-breaking ear device called The Pilot. This in-ear device is a wearable gadget that allows people to speak in  different language and almost instantly understand what the other is saying. 

This gadget is accompanied by an app that allows you to choose the language you would like to translate. Waverly Lab plans to introduce the system in English, Spanish, French and Italian but plans to grow to include many others such as East Asian, Hindi, Semitic, Arabic and Slavic. The company aims to release The Pilot late fall/early winter of this year.


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